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Bradwell Community Land Trust

Bradwell Community Land Trust (BCLT) was established in 2015 and is part of the national UK organisation.  As a community benefit society all profits will be used exclusively for the benefit of the residents of Bradwell.

The events leading up the formation of BCLT happened several years before, when in the late 2000s the local employer Newburgh Engineering Company, located in the middle of the village, moved a large part of their manufacturing to Rotherham, rendering most of their site and buildings redundant.  The company advanced plans to develop the area for housing and consulted with the village, but their proposal to place for more than 100 dwellings on the site was generally not supported by residents.

Seeing the concerns raised by these proposals and recognising that the site would eventually have to be developed in some way, Bradwell Parish Council decided to develop a Neighbourhood Plan.  One advantage of having a Neighbourhood Plan is that it allows a community to define exactly what the majority of residents would consider to be acceptable, and the extensive research conducted as part of the plan made sure that the majority view was captured. The general view was that a maximum of 40 open market houses on the site would be acceptable and this figure was built in to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Once the Plan had been made into law a construction company submitted a proposal to purchase the site and to build 55 houses.  Negotiations between Peak District National Park, who control local planning, and Bradwell Parish Council commenced and agreement was finally reached to construct 43 open market houses as long as the developer also built 12 affordable homes which would be given to the village in what is known as “planning gain”.

An interesting twist to the story is that, attractive though this offer was, there was no entity in existence to accept the affordable houses on behalf of the village – and so the Bradwell Community Land Trust was born.  Set up as a limited, not-for-profit community venture company, Bradwell CLT became the recipient of the 12 affordable houses and will manage them into the future on behalf of future generations of Bradwellians.

Bradwell CLT is a member of the National network of CLTs, and you can read more about them here.

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