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Membership to the Bradwell CLT costs £1 and entitles you to take part in Trust votes and elections. You’ll also receive regular newsletters with updates on CLT projects.

Use the form below to apply for a CLT membership.

    Your personal details will not be shared publicly. Communications will be via email and the website, paper copies available on request. Calling notices for open meetings will and the website with the Annual General Meeting advertised in the Bradwell News and via notices around the village.
    Membership requires the purchase of at least one £1 share and the maximum liability a member has is to the total number of shares purchased. Further purchases do not give additional votes. Click here to download our full rules.


    Become a member to stay up to date on our village projects and find out more about our ongoing events, fundraisers and community outreach.

    Print your form and send via e-mail to