Why are the 43 houses being put on the open market because this will just lead to people buying them for even more holiday homes in Bradwell?

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    The first thing to remember is that the village voted overwhelmingly to accept the Bradwell Neighbourhood Plan, and one of the key elements of the Plan was definition of the number of houses which residents felt was acceptable to be built on the Newburgh site. Peak Park have adhered to this aspect of the Plan throughout.A second consideration is that purchasing a large area of land such as has become available due to the contraction of Newburgh’s Bradwell operation is an expensive investment. No contractor could be expected to take it on without being able to recover their investment through the sale of houses on the open market. In this case, thanks mostly to intensive negotiations and with the support of Peak Park, it has been possible to limit the number of open market houses being built (remember that at one point there was a proposal to build 140 houses and none for local needs) and to also acquire twelve affordable homes for local people free of charge. The plan is to keep these affordable homes available for local people for generations to come. That is a big win for the village.A final thing to remember is that the new families buying these houses and moving in to the village will bring children for our schools and more trade for our local businesses, helping them to survive in these difficult economic times.